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Christy & Gabe's wedding was in May at the rustic Flower Farm in Loomis. The colors chosen were bright pinks and greens to reflect their fun, outgoing personalities.

The bouquets were pink peonies, white hydrangeas, and white ranunculus accented pops of color from green viburnum. They were laced with sheer pink satin ribbon. Epifany Style also provided the on-site decor, including the arch, aisleway, and cake decoration.

To help the couple save money, Epifany Style designed a sample centerpiece, provided the materials at a reduced price, and showed the family how to replicate the design themselves. For more information on how Epifany Style can help you save money by designing your own arrangements, check out the Frugal Elegance section of our website.

You can read about Christy's experiences with Epifany Style here.

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